Malayala Manorama

Malayala Manorama

Onebright morning, more than a century ago, Malayala Manorama came into being.Founded by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai on March 14th 1888 , MalayalaManorama has had a stimulating effect on the minds of the malayalees. It spurredsocial progress, defined cultural sensibilities. It has been an overwhelmingpresence while reflecting and exploring the life and times of Kerala. Manoramahas had good times and hard times; it has known tyrant’s thunder and humantenderness. Encounters with extinction were part of its exciting evolution. Ithas been a saga of courage and endurance, of triumph and excellence, ofdedication and commitment to the people and their aspirations. The years havenot blunted our mission; we breathe the ideals of our illustrious founder andhis visionary successors. The long list of best-selling products 

1.The WEEK
4.Manorama Weekly
5.Manorama Annual
8.Vanitha Hindi
10.Magic Pot
12.Balarama Digest
15.Knowledge Adventure CDROM
16.Hindi Year Book
17.English Year Book
18.Tamil Year Book
19.Malayalam Year Book
20.Bengali Year Book
21.MalayalaManorama Newspaper

-- is a testimony to this fact.

Our field of vision has expanded, our horizons have widened. As the world goes digital, we are stepping into cyberspace. For long ago, our destiny became interlinked with yours.

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